What is your passion in life? How did you discover the passion and why is it still part of you?

My passion is making lots of money with the least time commitment. I know that sounds like a cop-out, but let me explain.

In elementary school I sold candy. In middle school I was obsessed with reading about how to make money online (this was the early 2000s) and selling stuff like shoes and shirts that you didn't actually have to manufacture or ship yourself (early drop shipping). In high school I got very into painting, writing, and art and got the idea I wanted to be a writer for a living.

And you know what? I became a writer! I dropped out of high school and through a lot of trial and error now at 32 I am a very wealthy writer. But NOT in the cool sipping-scotch, smoking-a-pipe-in-an-Oregan-cabin novelist way, but as a Direct Response Copywriter, writing words that sell products and services. So basically I'm in "online marketing."

What I realized is that I was far less interested in being a "writer" and far MORE interested in living the LIFESTYLE of a writer. That is what I was obsessed with (I can see that now).

And over time I realize that, what I seem to be most interested in is not "making money" but making money in a particular WAY. I am obsessed with finding new methods to make large sums of money, continuously, with the least amount of time commitment. Ironically, it often takes LOTS of work to learn how to do that, but I've found that once you get a "process" down, it then becomes easy.

So, I make a high six figure living working a couple hours a day 100% online from anywhere in the world, writing sales promotions for online businesses that convince people to buy products and services.

Yet, a year and a half ago I wanted to find out how to make money from trading in the market. Six hours of study a day, lots of trial and error, and now I make several thousand dollars a week selling Options spreads on ETFs in about five minutes a week.

Now I'm focusing my energy on learning how to buy properties and rent them out -- and my goal is to have properties all over the world with people paying rent. Again, this is going to take a lot of work and study.

So, all in all, what I realized over time is I have a huge passion for figuring out one particular way to make money. And I love challenging myself with a big goal, and then doing all the research, then drilling down my research to one question, "What is the most amount of money I can make on this venture, with the lowest time commitment, and the least amount of work?

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