What is your personal "And then it got worse" story?

Okey so...At the start of 10th grade we did a trip with our class.The teacher decided to make a bike tour. I have to mention that at that point I haven't been bycycled for since elemantary school.So I kinda forget how to do it. We made the tour and went to a supermarket to buy some food (we would stay there for five days). Everything allright till now. We went all together back,me at the end.Somehow my groceries fell down so I wanted to pick them up. My classmates didn't notice me so they just went on ok their way back..I had some trouble going on the bike because it's been some while since I rode a bike.I forgot the way back so I just kinda was on the street,alone,not knowing what to do. After a while one of my classmates came and found me.Pretty embarrassing. At the same time some cars started to come.So I was on the street,with my groceries on the ground again and a bunch of cars waiting to pass the street.Worst few minutes of my life. My classmate picked my groceries up and then together we went back to the others.Of course they all laughed at me. I just wanted that day to end.Howeer the trip wasn't over yet. We still had to go to some place far away.We go on,everything normal again except that I'm totally embarrassed.We arrive,boring place,we go back. And then it got worse. I'm really not sporty,we didn't have much water and it was hot day.I was screwed.Some guys even said I "collapsed" which is just not true.But yeah,it was tough.We go on and see that a few girls feel the same.They lay on the ground,some crying,they need water. It was hell.But we arrive at the point where all of us should have met.A few guys make fun of me and how I "collapsed".On the whole way back at our place they make fun of me. Still haunts me to this day.

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