What is your perspective on the “change my mind” series? (by Steven Crowder)

You just spent a lot of time saying nothing.

Really? Nice claim. Speaking of being a dick.

You have to fucking listen to people to understand them. An overly simplistic yes/no question is not how you understand people. For example, my flair says I'm a progressive. Which is a type of liberal. Liberals implicitly support capitalism. However, if you asked me if I thought a form of socialism was the ultimate economic system, I might say yes with a million little caveats about why it's not achievable until long after automation makes labor worthless. If you just asked me the yes or no, either answer would not tell you anything close to what I actually think.

Speaking of saying nothing. This is also a given. Do you really want to resort to calling each other stupid?

Hence why crowder is a dick, talking over people is dickish, and your defense of that behavior is either the result of you being a dick as well, or simply the result of an incredibly misguided sense of loyalty. That specific behavior of his is terrible for any form of debate and confuses the issue.

I don't see where he talked over him to the point of skewing his argument at all. The guy had a hard time articulating his point. That was it. Crowder doesn't steelman, which would be nice, given the fact he's talking to amateurs, but it isn't a requirement either.

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