What is your pets name and why did you name them that?

My family owns a lot of cats. We live near a fishing camp and apparently it's common for people from the city to forget their pets, purposefully or not. So we take them in. And sometimes they have offspring we keep.

Just stating this so y'all don't think I'm a crazy cat person.

Jewel - was named that when we got her.

Tiny - self explanatory

Mitzi - was my brothers favourite Animal Crossing villager

Fiona - she was the first baby to leave the garage, so we said it was adventure time for her. Would have been Finn if she was a boy.

Trouble - escaped the box he was born in and his mom got trapped trying to save him.

Beedy - predominantly black and white. Black. White. Bee Double-U.

Tiger - that colouration.

Scaredy Cat - she was very nervous and had a shocked look on her face.

Ni - had a borderline twin who a friend adopted named "Gem". Gem and Ni. Gemini.

Micro - his mother was a very small cat. He was a very small kitten. Now he's our biggest male. lol

Sid - he always hissed when he was a baby. Sid Vicious.

Medley - she has a variety of meows so we always said she sounds like she's singing.

Spunky - he constantly fought with the bigger cats when he was a baby.

Savannah - colouration like a cheetah. Which prowls in Africa.

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