What is YOUR set up?


  • Lighting Setup:
    • Cardboard lightbox with poster board backdrop and sheets for light diffusion. Clip on lamps with 4800k bulbs.
  • Camera:
    • An old Nikon Coolpix. 5mp I believe. On a tripod. I'd like a better setup but it's not a priority since I don't have to take pictures often.
  • Scale:
    • 110 pound digital scale off Amazon. It works well but it's pretty small and makes weighing large boxes (24x18) difficult sometimes, especially if the box isn't balanced evenly (oops).
  • Printer:
    • $90 Brother HL-L2340DW Compact Laser Printer with Duplex Printing and Wireless Networking. I love it.
    • I also have a cheap DYMO 450 turbo label printer. It's junk but it was only $70 I think. I use it for one-off labels and expiration dates.
    • I would like a Zebra thermal-transfer but can't justify the $500+ dollars yet.
  • Storage: 3 rooms of the house. Considering building a garage.
    • (2) 1' x 3' x 6' wooden bookcases that I already owned when starting.
    • (2) 2' x 4' x 6' metal units with wood shelves that I lined with cloth to protect products from scrapes.
    • (2) Commercial Utility Carts 34" x 18" x 34.5", 3 shelves each. For moving items around. One of the best investments yet. Saves so much time and effort.
  • Packaging:
    • Taking a break right now to relax a bit and to catch up on bookkeeping so stock is low. I order from ULINE and Staples.
    • I have 4 different size shipping boxes that I regularly use and at least a dozen more sizes laying around from received shipments.
    • I use "heavy duty" boxes mostly #275 burst or 44 ECT. I only use the cheap Home Depot and Walmart boxes when shipments are very light.
    • Newsprint rolls for dunnage. I'd like an air-bag machine eventually but it's at least $1500.
  • Shrink wrap Station:
    • 18" I-Bar Shrink Wrap System. Photo of similar system
    • 3500' roll of polyolefin centerfold shrink wrap. I wrap LOTS of things and prefer Polyolefin by-far, to PVC.
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