What is your slutty story that you won't even tell your friends?

Got out of a 7-year long, gruelling sexless relationship and was making up for lost time in disgusting fashion.

Took a girl for drinks I had met through friends and we decided to go back to my place to watch a horror flick. I had been making cheeky moves on her all night, and started ramping them up during the movie, she was responding VERY favourably. Just as the movie gets super intense and scary I slowly slide my hands between her thighs and her panties were absolutely SOAKED. I was completely taken aback. I've been with girls that get quite wet before, but this was on a completely different level. She had a look in her eyes of "What are you waiting for?!" so I didn't waste any time getting her upstairs to my room, closing the door and having what ended up being a blurred frenzy of sex, going literally till the next morning. Both exhausted, we sleep for a couple hours before she calls a cab and goes home about 7am.

Fast forward 12 hours, met up with a different girl I had made dinner plans with several days earlier. Conversation flowing amazingly, lots of joking and flirting. I applied similar cheeky moves and advances all night that were again received favourably. Before long we end up in a cab back to my place, leading to 48 hours of not leaving my bedroom. Literally. Just sleeping, joking around and fucking. She was a squirter too, so by the end of the 48hrs there were towels all over the bed and floor purely so she could let loose and not have to worry. Towards the end when she's getting ready to leave she offers to clean up a bit (she was a bit self conscious how much squirting she had done and wanted to offer to clean all the towels and bedsheets). I told her she didn't have to but she insisted. She pulls back a towel on the bed and there on my black fitted sheet is a white'ish hand print. As if from a movie, an INSTANT flashback played in front of my eyes. The girl from before, the horror film, the SOAKED panties. A faded memory from the blurred frenzy of sex. I remembered us doing some long drawn-out foreplay with me playing with her and teasing her endlessly, eventually ending with PUTTING MY HAND DOWN on the mattress to steady myself as I changed positions. The hand print was from that! From her wetness on my hand!! AAARGH!!!

Back in the present, me and girl #2 are both looking at the hand print, her curiously, me partly in disbelief and shock thinking "Ohhhhhh fuck...". Finally she says "Is that your hand??".... I sheepishly say "... y-yes?"

To which she says... "I guess you were making me squirt quite a lot then huh? ;)"

Me: "Hahah, yeah!"

My internal thoughts: "HOLY CRAP, CLOSE CALL".

She proceeds to strip the sheets, grab the towels, and made her way off.

WOOHOO! I didn't get caught out being an absolute slutbag!!!

... later that day she texts to say what an awesome time she had, and also "Just about to put those sheets in the wash. That hand print even smells like me too. ;)"

All I could think was "Welp, I'm going to hell".

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