What was your, “Wait.. is this a cult?” Moment?

I joined a sorority at my college years ago and it was the weirdest experience. At the time, I enjoyed it. The girls were nice and inviting, but recruitment was a little too much. Everyone sang songs that pertained to that sorority and danced in unison, interviewed girls that were rushing and ranked them based on how they liked them. Then once you were initiated, you signed a card that basically means you accept their offer to be in that sorority cannot be in another sorority. Ever. I think there are exceptions but that is what they told us.

Then the cost of just being in that sorority was ridiculously high. I kept denying that people didn’t join Greek life just to “buy friends” but it’s slightly true for some people. A lot of students are in a sorority or fraternity at my campus, so it was a nice way to meet people otherwise. But just the fact that it was literally over $1000 for a semester were definite red flags. Once I finally got inducted at the end of the semester, I realized how similar it was to a cult.

Induction was so weird. We all had to wear a white dress and meet at the sorority house. All of the windows were covered up and nobody was around except for the people that were being inducted. Then we were told to put on blindfolds and be guided by our bigs inside to sit down. But first, someone had to do a secret knock to enter. The exec team was inside dressed in black robes with hoods on. Still dark in there because all doors and windows were covered. There were chalices and it was set up kinda like a church. There was a book they read the rules from, and we had to recite songs and everything. Which we had to learn and take quizzes about the sorority before induction. The whole thing was just so bizarre. Maybe not all Greek life is like this in all campuses but I noped out of there pretty quick after that.

There’s a lot more than what I described too. Im not even allowed to talk about what happens in induction or anything but whatever

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