What is your work environment like?

I work for a company with 5000+ employees and several offices dotted around. About half of the employees are field staff and the rest are office base. Within each office it's mostly quite friendly, workplace gossip and what not goes around like wildfire but that's about it.

Departmentally it's not toxic but there is always people trying to shift blames around so they are not responsible. Part of my job is root cause analysis and people often try to shirt the blame to others even through I've drilled it down to one specific person or department.

People are very siloed here too, when it comes to sharing information or just working together between large directorates, it can get messy quickly and I would say that's something my company does struggle with, though more recently it has gotten a lot better.

I think the blame shifting and "passing the buck" kinda thing is very common in the workplace and it is a cause of a toxic environment, but many factors all add up to it being toxic I think.

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