what is your worst defeat ?

Champions League Cup Final. 4th season. Real Madrid (me) vs Barcelona. I remember it like it was yesterday.

I had lost in the quarters or semis for the past three seasons, but that season we broke through, only to face our bitter Catalan rivals. The season had been amazing, won La Liga running away, won Copa del Rey (albeit without playing any of the top teams; Athletic was the opponent in the final), and now were going for the treble.

The game was really tight and scrappy, all in the midfield, very few shots on goal. In the 55th minute Neymar scores by cutting inside of Pepe who was already fatigued. More Tension.

In the 68th minute I bring on a young Brazilian striker I had brought to Castilla youth academy in my first season. Tall and quick but weak as a lone CF, better as a winger/second striker. No matter, off comes an inefficient Benzema, in comes the young Brazilian. By the 75th min (on 9 or 10 min halves on slow speed, so it's very realistic, methodical type of gameplay) we start throwing everything forward, and in the 88th, miraculously after a cross is not cleared well enough, the young Brazilian plays a 1-2 with James and tucks one past Ter Stegen. 1-1. Wembley goes bananas.

Extra Time. The game tightens again, Barcelona bring in Sven Bender for Rakitic, the midfield is packed again. Sometime in the second period of extra time Neymar gets the ball, runs at Danilo, turns him once then twice, and crosses low (one of those triple-tap on the square button - that the AI almost never does!), right to Leo Messi running past Ramos, at the penalty spot, takes a single amazing touch and scores past Casillas. Heartbreak.

The last ten minutes were balls to the wall, but by then the midfield was tired, and Barca just managed possession, running out the clock. To say that was my worst defeat is a massive understatement. I had to not play the game as a whole for a couple weeks, just to digest what had happened.

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