What was your worst job interview?

A little over a year ago, just before Covid. My last company had laid me off. It was okay though because I had already lined up a job with a company we were actually sub contractors for. Just needed to wait on their legal team to get back and make sure the No compete clause was null and void.

Instead of just sitting around waiting and just collecting unemployment I wanted to keep busy. So I answered an ad for a simple laborer job. I was a bit sketched out because I couldn’t find anything on the company and they were located in a suite in some strip mall. I get there, get in the interview. This fat idiot chuck wearing a fake Rolex starts pitching his Carpet Cleaner MLM to me. “Be your own boss” “look at these fancy vacation trips””make literally thousands a week”. I just got up and left. I told everyone in the lobby that it was MLM. I laughed as they left. I laughed as the receptionist said he would call the police on me. I laughed when Chuck called that night and begged me to work for him. I laughed when Chuck got mad and called me a piece of shit.

Fuck you and your fake Rolex Chuck.

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