What was your "Your boos mean nothing I've seen what makes you cheer!" moment?

There was a student group I was part of in college. They needed someone to fill a certain position, and they also wanted a bunch of changes done to that position. I ran for that position, with the campaign "No one else seems to be running, so I'll do it if someone is needed, but I cannot do the extra work because of my courseload". I got the position.

The semester starts, and the group's president starts telling me that we're going to make X changes after all, and that the other elected positions were willing to help, but I needed to get on board and organize these extra changes.

Nope. I resigned on the spot. It was very satisfying to forward his calls to voicemail. Not the most mature way to handle it, but if you want to be a dictator for an optional student group, have fun with the extra work.

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