What do you have ZERO sympathy for?

I'm not claiming to be a detective, but there are lots of things to look into, the person's psychological profile, their location at the time, neutral witnesses whom they turn to for a general evaluation of the person's behavior, sometimes witnesses are present in a nondirect capacity, did you see *this person* walk into this place at that time ? As for evidence of whether it was forced or consensual there's really nothing concrete that they can use to prove or disprove that, it's like saying an angel stood in the middle of the street at 12:00 but nobody saw it. It's really a matter of likelihood that is deduced from all the other clues they find, whether the story fits and whether this person is in a state of mind (evaluated by a specialist not some naive cop's impressions) that would facilitate such behavior, that's how to do it properly from an investigative standpoint. it's all really up to the Judge's conclusion in the end.

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