What do you have ZERO sympathy for?

It's been 6 years for me and I'm 2 years in to a great relationship now, and I still think back on it sometimes because it was kind of a whirlwind that overtook my life. I do genuinely hope she's doing well and got the help she needs, and I also ended up doing some pretty awful things myself and I hope she's gotten past that as well.

That being said, if I never see or speak to her again, I would be happy with that. It forced me to learn to love myself and where to draw a line in a relationship. I don't know if you need to move far away, because it's not easy and I'm still putting my life back together, but I do know it's good to spend some time with yourself. I took the time to love and be happy with myself before I tried to do it with someone else. If I can't do that, why would it be fair to ask someone else to do it?

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