Whatever happened to New Warriors 2020

I'm honestly glad its possibly no longer coming out. This title (along w/ Children of the Atom) seems a bit "on the nose." Meaning they don't appear like legitimate attempts at diversity or inclusion.

They either seem like poor taste parody's of various social justice movements, or they seem like a "hello fellow kids" moment. What I mean by that, is that it seems like some sort of out of touch "corporate cash grab" orchestrated by out of touch baby boomers who are attempting to appeal to the newer generations, but they simply don't "get" it.

I do indeed think there are enough established CIS White Male heroes already out there. I mean, there are just so many of them, so what would be the point of trying to introduce new ones?

I think replacing the existing ones w/ a new diverse version is idiotic and disrespectful. Disrespectful expect consumers who have followed these characters for many decades to suddenly accept a new character and continue to give the company their money to subscribe to a title that no longer features the titles character. Idiotic, because that newly created character will be by default poorly written and characterized, never being able to outshine the established hero they just replaced - a syndrome most legacy characters suffer from. However, with all that said there is definitely no reason at all for Marvel or DC to try and push a brand new CIS White Male heroes...nor should they.

I think both companies need to create new diverse heroes...but there is a right and a wrong way to go about it. Being too "on the nose" or "ironically sarcastic" is not the way to go about it, it should be done organically, and slowly, over time.

I think writers should introduce new diverse heroes within established heroes ongoing books, give them a large supporting role for about a year, and then give them their own mini-series that ties into the established heroes ongoing. Thus in order to get the full complete story, the readers who subscribe to say Iron Man, would also have to subscribe to Ironheart.

Then if the sales are good enough, the publisher can just convert that mini-series into an ongoing. If it doesn't sell well, then that character should be added to an ongoing team book, and given a prominent role. If well received then the character can be given another solo shot in a year or two, if not...then they can go the way of DarkHawk (and I like Dark Hawk).

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