What's are some signs that someone is a phony intellectual?

I was telling a friend of mine about a cult that someone i know is a part of, and they laughed at me saying duh that’s a cult. I told them of course it is, what the hell do you think I’m saying, and they told me i need to educate myself on cults. I told them i literally used to be brainwashed by a christian cult, and i untucked my mind after 10 years. I proceeded to explain that cults can be even celebrities like how Britney Spears image was used to manipulate people for sales and people idolized her as a cult as well. She said that is not a cult, you don’t know what a cult is, and i said yes it is, and explained how and why. She told me again i don’t know what a cult is. I said what about trump? She said you need to watch that documentary about Scientology. I said dude, I’ve been explaining to you what a cult is and you’re just invalidating me without even checking yourself.

She said if I’m going to be reacting angry like this then I’ll just have to end this conversation because you’re too irrational and I’m not ok with this.

I said i literally am just explaining this to you and you’re just telling me I’m wrong. I’m not sure what to say about that?

She told me have a good day and i hope you educate yourself on this.

I sent her the definition and she said thanks for lecturing me. I said thanks for invalidating me and ignoring the facts.

What are your thoughts on this, Reddit?

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