What's the atheist position on right and wrong?

If country A invaded and killed everyone in county B.

Was it warning from god?

Did country B not pray hard enough?

Did country A pray hard enough that god said "Just this once. No life in country B is precious so please murder all of them. Thanks."

And who are these prophets? How do we know them? Because they're popular?

So much of Christianity is just guessing, hoping, and making up connections on the spot. Or retroactively saying "When the profit just yelled "spudgm!" For six hours. that was the sign. Silly us.

I get it. You've been told that anyone who isn't Christian is an evil monster with no morals. That only by going your version of the God Love Twirl Boogie can someone be a good person.

People are people. There are Christians who rape children and buy lavish lifestyles on the backs of donors. There are atheists who's lives are dedicated to improving the world for everyone. Don't judge people based on spirituality. Don't trust a person based on spirituality either.

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