whats the average time to unload a gm truck?

I've heard people on this sub say 150 cases per man hour is a really good pace. At my store we have a really inefficient setup and a team of 3 people, so we struggle to reach about 130 per hour. Here's what our receiving room looks like. http://i.imgur.com/AiI4Evg.jpg They jam as many overstock pallets in receiving as they can, so we have to spend at least an hour every day moving them into the aisles in the back room to set up. Then when the store closes we pull all the overstock pallets out of the back room onto the floor to make room for IMS to do their picks. Our pallets are so far away from the line that it can take me 20 seconds speedwalking as fast as I can just to drop off a single box(a box that's too big/heavy to carry anything else with it. We usually have to try to grab a big stack of boxes at once to save on walking time). Because of the curve in the line and our absurdly understaffed team, the thrower has to constantly stop and climb out of the truck to help us empty the line. We can't push more than like three feet of boxes around the corner at once or it all just falls off.

What really pisses me off is on our days off management makes up bullshit stories about how they finished the truck twice as fast as we do. Then our associates come by and tell us the truth about how the truck was smaller than the ASMs said and how it took them longer than they said. And then they come back to help us on the days that we're there if it's a double truck night and it still takes forever, so it's obviously all made up bullshit because there's no way you did the truck faster with the 3 of you if you can't do it at that pace with 6 of us combined.

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