What's the best analogy you've heard to explain something complicated?

One of my most memorable anxiety attacks was equally terrifying & entertaining. It was induced by hitting a homemade gravity bong, 2 liter bottle of pure white smoke..they tell me I instantly turned white myself & I started feeling like "Oh shit, I am going to die."

I said I needed to go sit down & I did, but within a few seconds of sitting on a chair to calm down I had to get on the floor & just hold on for dear life as I weathered 2 hours of trying to maintain sanity & focus on holding my soul inside my body because I kid you not, if I didn't focus really hard, I felt my "consciousness" start floating above me & to the right.

I kept looking at the clock every half hour to see it had actually only been a minute or less. Imagine how fucked you feel in a regular anxiety attack, then combine that with the time-skew you get when smoking weed.

It was a nightmare.

For related reasons I was wearing a heart event monitor at the time, so I knew exactly where my heartrate was the whole time. Within a minute after lying down, it started climbing up, up, up, until it was beating at 170 bpm for pretty much the duration of the attack.

The entertaining part was that as crazy as it sounds to have any kind of fun in an anxiety attack, I was so blasted that I was trying to watch King of the Hill to concentrate on anything but me dying, & the characters were outside the TV screen, & everything behind them in the TV was pulsing different colors at a rate of like green/red/purple per second. So I thought Hank would be my angel of death or some shit and they were making me laugh like a psychotic inpatient.

Scary day. Tiring day. Felt different after that.

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