What's the best date you've ever had?

Korean girl I dated for almost a year after college. Before we even were "exclusive" we accidentally had the most random amazing date ever. I felt bad because it was her birthday but it was really more like my birthday. First before I went to take her to lunch I was meeting a friend to get comics well I texted her about it and she asked if she could come along. We all went to the comicshop and she even bought some dark tower comics because she didn't even know they existed and the only reason I showed them to her was because some fake comic book girl on G4 told me to. Amazing. So we go to her favorite terrible indian food restaurant for her lunch and we get there and it's closed down because of health food violations so she asked where I wanted to go because she didn't really care. So we ended up going to my favorite seafood restaurant and it was excellent. Then before we met up with her annoying friends at a bar we had sex and then played Mario Kart on the Wii for like 3 hours. The bar we went to was MY favorite bar and had amazing food and beers and all she did was talk about how great her birthday was so far because of me even though it was basically my best day ever. Then I got head in the parking lot after we left. The End.

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