What's the best ending?

“I will record your consciousness and neural network as data, all else will cease to exist.”

In order to record it as data, it has to be uploaded. It’s interesting because after we jack into Mikoshi, we see a system reboot message and “wake up” sort of in an elevator that’s going up.

I believe it’s what is left of V’s consciousness experiencing and processing being transformed into Data and being uploaded. Because soon after the talk with Jackie, it all evaporates into cyberspace.

Sure V is a completely different entity and as alt says “everything changes”. However regardless of what the difference is between Engram and real. V gets back into their own original body. Alt even says it’s V’s body, not the “original V”. “After I transfer your consciousness into your body, you will die. It is inevitable, it is imminent. So following the arrow of time theory, it’s still V. Regardless of engram or not.

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