Whats the best joke you came up with on the spot?

I was working at this branding agency, and we were having our morning 'status meeting' where we all go around the room and talk about the projects we're working on. We get to one of the art directors, and he's this good-looking but cocky guy and he's late on a project. The Account rep. is in the meeting and being confrontational with him because it's her project, and we're all watching the two of them. The art director smiles at her, looks her deeply in the eye like he's going to hit on her and starts reassuring her. He's saying phrases to her and she's repeating them.

"I will have concepts to you on time." He says slowly.

She repeats, smiling, and matching his cadence, "You'll have the concepts on time..."

"And they're going to be great." He continues.

"And they're going to be great..." she repeats.

"And there's nothing to worry about." He says.

"And there's nothing to worry about..." she replies.

Suddenly I stick out my right hand at her wiggle my fingers and say.

"These are not the droids you're looking for."

And the whole meeting exploded with laughter.

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