What's the best lie you've told your boss to get a "sick" day off work?

Food poisoning.

It can plausibly happen any time of the year, without anyone else getting sick. It strikes between 2 and 10 hours after eating the tainted food, so you really could have been fine when you left the day before. Unless it's a really, really severe case, the treatment is simply to get lots of rest and fluids and maybe take antibiotics for a few days, so there's no complicated treatment to make it look like you're going through with. And perhaps most importantly, no one wants details about digestive problems. "I ate a bad egg, uh, you don't want to hear about what has been coming out of both ends..." "That's right, I don't, see you in a few days." *Click*

I've never actually told that lie to get out of work. Had food poisoning twice in the past year. One time I called in sick and sincerely needed it, the other time was less severe and I was OK by the following morning, just felt run down. But, you know, hypothetically speaking, it seems like it would be a foolproof lie.

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