What's the best thing you can get for $10?

I feel like you would be better off just buying 2 Four Lokos. Yeah, they are way too sweet any syrupy on their own, but you can just dilute with seltzer. As far as the flavors go:

Fruit Punch: This is the default flavor you can find everywhere. You can't go wrong here. Pairs well with aged cheeses, chocolate. Peach: Sickeningly sweet. Your pee will smell like this for days. It will probably give you diabetes. Avoid like the plague.
Lemonade: Fairly palatable, even without seltzer dilution. Has a strange cardamom/nutmeg aftertaste. Pairs well with Chipotle. Watermelon: Fairly ubiquitous. Overly sweet but at least tolerable. Seems to cause GERD. You may taste this with burps for days. Only purchase if the 711 is sold out of fruit punch. Uva Berry: I suspect there is some legal reason they are not allowed to call it "grape". Tastes less like cough syrup than you would expect. Would recommend. Pairs well with cough syrup. Strawberry Lemonade: Seems to fluctuate in availability. More sugary than regular lemonade but less strange aftertaste. Worth a try. Pairs well with pizza. Dark Cherry: Hard to find but similar to fruit punch. Recommend. Pairs well with dark chocolate. Blue Hurricaine: Diabetes urine problems of peach mixed with GERD problems of watermelon. Definitely avoid. Coconut: Surprisingly good. Haven't seen in a while. Pairs well with chicken and seafood. Mango: Cans look like peach, but tastes much better. Still overly sugary. Pairs well with Indian dishes. Margarita: Haven't seen in a while. Claimed to have higher EtOH content. Seemed to mix acidity with high sugar to balance and mask. Pairs well with TUMS.

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