What's the best TV show/video game with the worst fandom?

I think one of the bigger reasons people hate the Rick and Morty fandom so much is because of the copy pastas about how you have to have a high iq to enjoy the show. Poe's Law provides that it's basically impossible to determine who's being serious and who's just trolling. Personally, I think [or rather hope] it's sarcasm and satire.

I just can't stand how they make it out to be the best goddamn masterpiece of a show that mankind has ever created when it's not. Hell, one guy I knew was practically shitting his pants because rookie cop Rick closed his eyes when he shot cop Morty because "it was the quintessential proof of the genius of the show" because HOW ELSE WOULD ANY ANIMATOR EVER HAVE CONCEIVED SUCH A GENIUS STORYTELLING DEVICE?! And no, he wasn't being funny, he was 200% seriously shitting his pants over something any hobbyist animator would've done.

Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy the show, and I don't miss a new episode when it airs. But can we please stop jerking off Dan Harmon like he's some kind of God for creating a tv show that gets most of its comedic value from being 3edgy5me rather than actual wit?

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