What's the best way to handle someone like this?

Huh. Well. I can recognize that. Of course being a white female is massive privilege in such situations. However. Like an hour ago if you refer to my original comment I just came up on some dude who got shot or accidentally himself. Idfk. To me it seems he got shot, he says his gun went off in his pocket. Whatever the case, It was fucked up. This man was a young black man and IMPD was incredibly helpful and kind to him. And. if you look at the original video we are commenting on, it was IMPD being decent to 2 black men. So I believe my race and gender can be left out of what my point is, and that point is IMPD is decent. But sure. Thanks for discrediting what I’m expressing because you decided to go through and check up on me. Come back and tell me about my business again and the cops in my city when you walk up on someone having just gotten shot, and you see how they interact with said person. Jesus Christ.

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