What's the best way you've seen someone rebel against school rules?

I found out in middle school that there was a limit on how many suspensions you can get.

I live in Mass, this was in about 2001 or 2002. I really hated school and did whatever I could to get out of it. Well, one way was to just get suspended. I'd get a week out of school and the worst my family could do was ground me. Which isn't really a punishment for someone who didn't leave their room anyway.

I don't remember the limit, but I hit it pretty quickly. My grandfather had told me at some point too that I was at the limit.

So, one day they bring me in to give me a suspension for not going to detentions. Before the office staff even have a chance to tell me they are going to suspend me tell them they can't.

They react with indignation, they don't believe me. So they ask the VP, yup, can't be suspended.

They freak the fuck out, I clearly don't go to detentions, they can't suspend me, and they don't do ISS. They can't really expel me either as nothing I've done SSI far goes to that level.

So, they just send me back to class, where I promptly go to sleep.

We suddenly had an ISS program within a week. Jokes was still on them, I won by not being in class any more and they can't do shit to me if I refuse to do work.

Was expelled by March for throwing a punch at the school resource officer, sent to a school for troubled youth. I kinda still won as that school was just so poorly run I didn't even need to show up and still got credit.

I got better by highschool, went on to be in the top 10 of my senior year. Still a little proud of my time in middle school though. School was such a shit hole they shut it down in 2008.

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