What's the biggest scam in the video game industry?

Not really but yeah the weight is gone. She always played Resident Evil 5 on what now has become our* PlayStation 3, I had 3 jobs so I had no time to play anything and this lazy, insecure woman was sitting on unemployment and state benefits (she had a dirty doctor who told the state that she's nuts.

She ended up meeting a dude from Nevada while playing RE5 co-op, they become really good friends. Few months later all of a sudden she tells me that she found her dad in Nevada, she hated her dad because he left her and the mom on the spot.

So she literally pressured me to drive us and the kids (we had two kids together) from California to Nevada in our Dodge Caravan to meet her dad for the first time in her life.

What I didn't know is we were also driving to meet the dude she's been playing RE5 going on for 5 months now.

So we get to her dad's at 2am who just happen to fall down the stairs and break his ribs, I don't know this because he didn't tell me anything, all he was screaming is for us to come back in half an hour.

Her dad always bragged to me about having different women at his place so I thought he had someone over. I was so furious that I cussed him out via text and we went to get a room at Caesars Palace.

Next morning the dad calls me and asks me why we didn't come back in half an hour... The reason he said half an hour is because that was his guesstimate since he had to crawl from the stairs where he fell to open the door (it's a big house). So my first thought was... Why the fuck didn't you just scream "HELP... CALL 911" or something...

To get to the bottom of all this and wrap this up: My ex made her step-brother (whom she also met for the first time) watch our two kids while I was in the hospital watching her dad and she was fucking the guy she finally met whom she's been playing RE5 for months.

It's been over a decade and I'm still not over that breakup, lost custody of my two kids also since I didn't have a place for them to do the whole 50/50 parents usually do.

Not sure why I shared this but yup, that happened. The insecure ex was insecure because she was cheating.

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