What's the concensus on ordering personal amounts to a 'burnt' address? (In NEW ZEALAND)

There is some awful information here. No one gives a shit about your gram of pot from 3 years ago.

Yes, you're going to be on a list. Which can be used to build a case, but whenever there are soooo many interceptions and jurisdictions, it becomes hard to keep track of things. So, just because they have one seizure from 3 years ago does not mean they have the time to watch every single piece of international mail you will receive in the future.

European law works much differently from US law with drugs in the mail. I've seen people post letters they've received in Europe about x amount of pills or whatever. Then saying that they have to go to court without ever doing a CD on the person. In the US that's unheard of, and they WILL always do the CD if they're going to go to court.

The reason I brought that up, is because it allows them to charge you for smaller amounts of drugs. But since I am not very familiar with the law there, it's hard to say what would happen if you had another interception.

In America, from the cases and mixed reports over CD's from international mail, it looks like it's up to the local jurisdiction to say they'll do the CD before proceeding. Ex. Customer 1 buys 100g of ethylone. Customer 2 buys the same thing. Both are seized at the border. Then only Customer 1 gets a CD while customer 2 gets a love letter. I believe the reason for this, is because they ask the local enforcement in the area if they want to do a CD, if they decline they send the love letter. This doesn't apply for larger amounts of illicit drugs because the DEA then gets involved. (and that's federal)

So, to answer your question, is it safe? Just as safe as ordering to another house, but they do have your record. So ultimately it's your choice on how far you think you can build up a record before they do something about it.

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