Whats a controversial opinion you have about sex?

I said they don’t get a hi5 I didn’t comment on their performance of the entire act. Let’s say a woman thinks about what to make for dinner goes to the store and buys all the ingredients prepares the entire meal sits down with her husband and they both enjoy the meal. At the end of the meal he sits down on his recliner and watches TV gives a big, satisfied sigh Pats his belly and watches SportsCenter. Meanwhile she’s in the kitchen doing dishes, still completing the task of the meal for him. to me a man having an orgasm and going to watch TV or relax after the fact while the woman has to continue to work is what I’m complaining about. At some point she would like to sit down pat her belly give it a big sigh and watch SportsCenter while he’s doing the dishes. This is not a commentary on the performance of eating the meal.

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