What's the correct way of gently, but firmly explaining that you're not here playing board games because you 'tagged along', and that it is insulting and condescending to say so?

I'm working in a western country as an asian dude. At work I get remarks like "you asians look the same", "is this chinese food authentic?", they call me the name of the other asian dude that works with me. Note that this is all done in a non-malicious way. This is all almost daily basis.

Do I get offended? lol no, I find them funny sometimes and go along with it and move on. Do I get sick of it because it reminds me of how I don't belong in the country? No, it's the reverse, the more everyone says it, the more it will lose it's meaning entirely.

We could do all this one-ups for the entire day and nothing would come out of it. Everyone's experience is different.

The point is, I could get offended and make my time being there harder and also possibly make my co-workers dislike me because I sound defensive and uptight, and demand an entire work culture to change


I could just change my perspective and get along with it. Remember the quotes that OP get are in no way offensive. The person that asked the question probably said that out of surprise, NOT because they dont take her seriously because of her gender.

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