Whats the craziest 're-meet' you've ever had with a fellow traveler on accident?

I met a friend from school in Bali for a week while I traveled Asia. He was with another one of his friends from a semester study abroad. The new guy was super cool (jacked Chinese D1 tennis player), but I didn't anticipate seeing him again after Bali. About 3 weeks later, I was in Hong Kong on what was supposed to be my last night in Asia. It was a Wednesday. Meaning Happy Valley, a horse race track, was open that evening. I'm at the track for 15 minutes and this SAME guy runs into me on his way to place bets. He was with a group of people he knew from Hong Kong. I joined the squad - made money on the race, went to a bar with them afterwards, and then off to karaoke. I ended up missing my flight back to the US the next morning.

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