What's the creepiest thing you've experienced?

Usually I don't remember my dreams, and if I do remember anything, it's a vague one-second snapshot.

But one time I had a very vivid dream where I was driving my work truck (construction materials tester) at night, quickly, down a winding road surrounded by a nearly pitch-black forest. And suddenly my vision started going white. Within less than a second I was completely blind, and I had to try and remember what the road ahead of me looked like so I could finish turning without driving off the edge of the road or hitting a tree. I managed to brake without hitting anything, and then I sat there with no idea what to do, since I was blind and in the middle of nowhere.

Kind of a stupid dream, I guess. So anyway I woke up and went to work, etc etc. It was the end of November or December in a somewhat northern part of Canada and cold as the devil's taint, but apparently you can pour concrete pile foundations at any time of year, so I had a miserable morning attempting to work with numb extremities and a face that was rapidly getting more and more frostbitten.

It got so cold that we all took a break to warm up for a bit. Everyone else went into the site office, but I went to sit in my work truck, partly because I was too cold and cranky to deal with awkward small talk, and partly because I figured sitting in a running vehicle with the heat on full blast would warm me up a lot faster than sitting in the site office which was a shitty poorly-insulated single-wide mobile home.

I sat down in the drivers seat and realized that I had some paperwork that was supposed to be in the site office. I'd parked a few hundred meters away from the office so I started the engine and waited for the truck to warm up so I could drive over there.

The construction site was the first phase of a new neighborhood, so it was a square mile of nothingness - flat white snow-covered prairie under a pale gray winter sky, with the only dark spots on the landscape being the holes that we'd drilled in the ground to pour concrete into. In other words, it was nothing like the dark forest in my dream, in fact you could say it was the exact opposite type of scenery.

But as I changed gears and started driving, my vision went completely black, exactly like how it had gone white in my dream the night before. I was completely blind.

And worse, I was incredibly confused. All I could think was "I have to get to the site office and get help. I have to get to the site office. I have to get to the site office."

So, completely fucking blind, I got out of my truck and started walking in the direction that I remembered the office being in. Remember those holes in the ground that I mentioned? They're wide and deep enough that if you fall in one, you will fucking die, or at least that's what I've been told. Imagine little Timmy being trapped in a well, only with a punctured lung and a broken neck.

And there were a good half-dozen of those fuckers between me and the office. And I was walking towards them, completely blind, and way too delirious to even remember that they existed.

Luckily, I only made it a few feet before I tripped on something and faceplanted in the snow. So I did what any smart person would do and waited for someone to -- nope just kidding, I actually started crawling towards the office on my hands and knees. Even though it was a few hundred metres away. And I was crawling through snow with no gloves on. And blind. And surrounded by all those death-pits in the ground.

I don't remember anything about what happened next, but apparently one of my co-workers saw me out the window and ran outside to rescue me before I could crawl into any of the holes in the ground, and I guess he carried or lead me back to my truck because the next thing I remember is sitting in the drivers seat, not blind anymore, with someone asking me over and over if I'm okay.

It's not the same type of "creepy" as the other posts in this thread, but I definitely found it creepy. The idea that at any time, you could just go blind, or lose control of yourself mentally and end up doing something stupid that could get you killed, or forget entire sections of your day, and it could maybe happen to anyone anywhere? I was terrified every time I left the house for months because I was convinced that I'd go blind the next time I crossed the road or something. And the fact that I dreamed about going blind the night before made everything much creepier.

But of course I didn't tell the doctor about it, because I was 18 and an idiot and irrationally scared of doctors. I totally forgot about it until I read a post just now that reminded me of this story. I should really mention it at my next appointment... :/

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