What's the deal with Gamestop?

If they didn’t ass rape me every time I go try to trade in three games to buy one used one business would be booming for them.”

I can bring in 3-5 AAA or AA games and they want to give me like $15-20. The used game I’m looking to buy is $40-50. There is no reason I should have to pay $20 or more for a used game when I just traded in three.

This pushed me to look at buying used on eBay and I never went back. I don’t even sell my games on eBay, I keep them. I can get the same game on eBay for $10 compared to $40 at GameStop. I’m literally saving money and keeping older games by not going to GameStop.

I say good riddance, or welcome a massive restructure of their trade-in program.

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