What's a deck that surprised you with it's efficiency?

I built an extreme budget [[Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma]] deck for only $75 aud to build, although I did later swap out some stuff to include some green staples (Beast Within, Worldy Tutor, etc) that I owned which brought it closer to $200.

I designed it specifically to be as casual friendly as possible. We're talking no wipes, no counters, a small amount of removal, no infinite combos. Just good clean Magic. What I actually ended up with was a deck that could reliably put out 10-20 massive creatures as early as turn six, recur the entire thing back to life if it was killed, and even keep going off until I play my entire deck in one turn.

It did this by playing creatures which activated effects from cards like [[Wild Pair]], [[Guardian Project]], and [[Cream of the Crop]], all which gave me insane card advantage and field advantage. The more I played, the more out of control it got, and I could play a lot because all I had to do was get out Goreclaw out to begin casting all these cards for dirt cheap.

Also with so many creatures coming out I just got incrementally more mana gain off of [[Gyre Sage]] and [[Karametra's Acolyte]]. It was especially easy to do too because [[Genesis Wave]], [[See the Unwritten]], [[Selvala's Stampede]], [[Uncage the Menagerie]], or any of my tutors made setting this deck off a breeze.


I only played this deck in four games, I won three of them and only lost the last because I messed up counting my mana - I had over 80 mana. I was quickly asked to disassemble it.

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