Whats the dumbest reason someone broke up with you?

I wanted him to go with me to have a burger with my friends. I forget what excuse he made… So our alternative plan that day was walking around the mall. We ran into my mom (who is Asian) and she invited him to come over to my parents to eat dinner sometime.

He freaked the fuck out later because he’s from a small town and my life was “too different” for him. He said, “We’re just too different with your big city life.” (My town is like 120k, his was 10k).

I mean ultimately I dodged a bullet because you can’t excise being half-Asian from my life. Idiot legit was scared at the idea of trying asian food. And that I had a few gay friends also scared him. Like, my gay friends had no interest in your ass dude….literally. So basically admitting he was homophobic and xenophobic?

Yeah trash took itself out….

Months later he reached out to me and tried to excuse it, admitting his real reason was because someone in his town became interested in him. She’d ignored him before hearing he had a “big city girlfriend”. (He lived 3 hours away, we’d met randomly when he saw me at a concert).

He said, “I mean I could have just dated you both and neither of you would have known since you’re so far away.” Yes he thought this was an even better excuse…. Still didn’t deny the homophobia & xenophobia.

F’ing idiot.

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