What's the dumbest rumour you've heard about yourself?

Not me, but there was this girl, we'll call her Kelly, from high school that was an absolute bitch to everyone and in particular, really had it in for the class clown, who we'll address as Marty.

Anyway, Kelly was notorious for compulsively lying about everything in order to one up somebody who mentioned anything even remotely interesting. One day, Marty decided that he'd finally had enough of her shit when he decided to make up a rumor that she moved permanently to Canada over our 2 week break.

On the first week of our time off, he had written a status on Facebook asking "Does anybody know what happened to Kelly?" given Marty's popularity, everybody was curious and started to discuss the matter. One of his best friends whom was also in on the joke, mentioned that he saw that she had posted a status about moving overseas but deleted it soon after.

This gathered more attention as gullible peers began to warp the story until it was 'apparent' that Kelly ended up in Canada. Over the next few days, questions and goodbyes flooded her wall regarding her sudden decision to move.

She was actually with her family in another state with no access to social media, when her parents had been overwhelmed with phone calls from her extended family who had caught word of the rumor, believed it and were upset that they had not been informed about Kelly's departure.

When she returned home, she was obviously furious because she'd written a paragraph about it and instantly put the blame on Marty and several others.. In the end, Marty actually owned up to it in order to save anybody else from getting punished in the case that Kelly reported it to the Principle when school commenced, which she did.

When that time came and Marty was called over the P.A, Kelly's smug look quickly turned sour as she saw he was laughing all the way the office and received his 1 week suspension.

TL;DR - Mean girl moved to Canada, her family worried sick by blowing up her parents phone while they were on holiday.

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