What's the dumbest thing you were paid to do and how much were you paid?

You know how when you donate blood, they always ask if they can take some extra blood for some other study they're running? I always says yes. I don't care. In this case, it's a study to find a better test for a particular disease.

So I get a notification that my blood gave a false positive for this disease and they want more of my delicious blood to help them refine their testing and they'll give me $100. Sure!

So I go in to make my special blood donation and get my $100. They have no idea what I'm talking about and initially try to turn me away. I persist! I made a special trip. Eventually they figure out who's running this study (in a different city) and vaguely promise they'll get the blood to him and as for the money, they have no idea. I depart annoyed, with less blood and without more money.

I do eventually get a check for $100 in the mail. I'm also informed I'm no longer eligible to donate blood. So for $100, I lost my ability to donate blood and also become a bit...skeptical...about the reliability of scientific studies (due to how disorganized they were).

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