What's the dumbest way you've gotten a scar?

I’ve done a few dumb things.

Earliest I remember was when I was a little guy. Running back and forth from the hallway to the bedroom and jumping on the bed. Eventually I didn’t time the jump right and landed on the metal frame. Almost slice my little toe completely off. My mom came up to see what I was screaming about and thought, oh it’s just a small cut. She peeled back my little toe to investigate and blood sprayed from the wall all the way up to the ceiling. I later found out my toe was hanging on by less than inch of skin left. Anyway, no stitches, no surgery. They wrapped my foot tightly and called it brand new. All I have is a very small scar.

Many years later during high school, portable battery operated fans had just come out and apparently was all the rag. I was taking a new medication for depression (I was diagnosed around 4th grade with clinical depression) and noticed I really couldn’t feel anything in my arms. And what I mean is, I couldn’t register physical touch, weird I know. But I happened to run across one of those bangin’ portable fans everyone was going nuts with . I was sitting around one day with it and realized if you turned it on max volume and barely touched the skin on my arm, I could feel it. What I didn’t notice was it was slowly tearing into my arm and causing me to bleed. After slowly moving the fan around I finally caught on. So me being a dumb child, jacked up on medication causing loss of physical touch, I sat their, and continued to destroy my arm with a battery operated fan. I had somewhere between 20-30 scars on my arm. Now mostly covered by tattoos or have faded away.

TLDR: do things bad, many scars, I dumb child

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