What's the dumbest way you've gotten a scar?

I hope i'm not too late to the party here.

Let me paint you a picture. My brother - who is 6 years older than me - and I - who was 7 or
8 at the time - went into the basement with some steak knives from the kitchen and a cardboard box. The premise was simple, cut the cardboard box into long strips so that we can slip them into our shirts lengthwise, tape them to our forearm and shoulder at each end, and then when we flex our arms we would bend the cardboard up and have large bulging muscles. We had a very good plan but didn't account for giving a 7 year old a knife to cut cardboard with unsupervised. Very quickly I had a long gash across my index finger that I had to run upstairs with to get first-aid from my parents on.

I also got in trouble because I interrupted them during Wheel of Fortune.

Thanks guys, this was a great therapy session.

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