What's the fastest way to lose all of your friends?

I just deleted my previous comment to not allow the comment to be traced to me. I say this because I am a pedo. At least, I think I am. When I was 13, I was caught with possession of you-know-what. I didn't understand the implications of looking at that porn when I was young--how it affects the children on the other side. I lost half my childhood to the circumstances following that event. I would never hurt a child, and I gag at the thought of it. But I also cannot deny attraction. That is something I would never tell my friends. It is something that you seriously wouldn't understand until it happens to you. It took years for my dad to even look me in the eye, and even now I still see pain.

I don't say this out of hatred for pedos(or perhaps I do, out of self-hatred). But the fact of the matter is, the mental illness that is pedophilia should never, ever be normalized. Sure, it can help people receive treatment, but normalization will lead to more people becoming curious and delving into that world. Pedos may think they are treated unfairly and start acting on their desires. That shit should never fly.

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