What's a food take from Destiny you actually agree with?

I don't really get how people like things like McDonald's but at the same time hate Subway. McDonald's has terrible, terrible burgers. There's so much out there that's so much better than that. I don't really like going to typical junk food places, though.

For Subway, to me it's such an easy way to get an oversized sandwich with a bit too much meat on it. When I still ate meat, I liked Subway quite a bit. Really surprised people hate it that much.

He once said European breakfast is usually too small. I can kinda agree there, but I don't eat that much at breakfast myself anyway. I feel like Americans eat way too much for a meal. Have to say, I think it's similar in southern Europe. My ex from Italy said she had two really big meals every day, in the morning and at night. Bit different than a lot of people from The Netherlands, who typically have breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and probably some other little snacks spread over the day.

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