what's general anesthesia like for surgery's...?

i have autism, adhd, deplomental delays, speech and learning issues, sensory issues i have flat feet astsma allegries i will be having surgery in a few months the surgery that will be done is pharyngeal flap surgery and sinus surgery cleft palate surgery too i have a hard cleft palate too the will be done at children's hospital most likely with one on one care as i have spiceal needs but i may still have my own room he said on surgery day i have too get a pic line in the hospital room than in afternoon that day surgery that's scary but i asked if i can get liquid versed in pre op too before they take me back they said that was ok thats good right will the liquid versed taste bad than mask in or room maybe i can get a cool bubble gum smell too mask im going wear pajamas that day and maybe a a diaper if needed and take a stuffed animal and extra clothes and a blanket and my tablet

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