What's a genuinely unpopular TV show opinion that you have?

I think Remedial Chaos Theory from Community is massively overrated. It's a good episode, but everyone overhypes the hell out of it. The D&D episode from Season 2 was better.

Season 9 of Scrubs (AKA Scrubs Med School) was not bad. Yes, it had a rough start, but it finally got its bearings halfway through the season.

Not so much a TV Show opinion as it is a myth, but every time The Office is mentioned, people always say the writers were upset/pissed off at Ed Helms for filming The Hangover, which is why they opted to write Andy as being a complete shit bird out of spite or petty revenge against him. This turned out to be false. It was Greg Daniels himself and the other writers who wanted to change Andy because they thought dickhead Andy was funny.

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