What's going on in Georgia election? Fox says pajama boy is winning.

I live in this district and already voted. It's pretty clear that Ossof is playing all of his cards correctly. It's a conservative area and lots of Trump signs. But every single campaign commercial shows Ossof describing a republican platform. Cutting specific wasteful spending programs, cutting taxes, investing in high-tech industries for job growth, lots of GA CEOs in commercials shilling for him, etc.

If you believed him, he's saying all the right things. But obviously, it's all for show. We all know his weak spots, but he's obviously got a good campaign team that knows the area and how to speak to them. The commercials are relentless, on every channel.

I've been vilified at least five times by Ossof volunteers to remind me to vote. I always say the same thing, just to mess with them: "I'm voting for whoever Jon Ossof is voting for. Who is that?" And the campaigners just go silent, as they slowly realize that Ossof can't vote in his own election (bc he doesn't live here).

So basically, that huge flow of money getting pumped in here is going to good use. I still think Handels going to pull it out, but the Ossof team are putting up a hell of a fight. Of course if they campaigned on what he was actually going to do (raise taxes, increase spending, obstruct Trumps tax cuts and budget cuts, etc.) he wouldn't have a chance, because liberal ideas lose candidates elections. So he's not running on them.

Anyways, that's my read on what's going on. Took me over an hour to vote last week and they said it had been that crowded for two weeks straight of early voting. And this is the only thing on the ballot, no referendums or city cousel or anything, and it's packed. So someone's going to win in a landslide.

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