What's a good bitcoin tumbler for small amounts?

How to use bitcoin anonymously guide 2019 - repost and share!

For a really anonymous bitcoin wallet it is best to use a wallet on the dark web.

Download Torbrowser app from app/play store or torproject.org and then use it to go to one of the following dark web bitcoin wallets:



Or the oldest one: http://sbqaxe6dwiydetyr.onion/

Those wallets are great for day to day spending anonymity.

If you only need a mixer without a wallet then check out:

BitCloak http://bitcloak4rkfygal.onion/

BitMixBiz http://bitmixbiz7xyslve.onion/

BlenderIO http://blenderiot6rg2io.onion/

Chipmixer http://chipmixer7vrgjzh.onion/

EludeMail http://eludemailjkymwox.onion/

BitcoinFog http://foggeddri62ueax6.onion/

MixerMoney http://mixermike3kwriae.onion/

MixTum http://mixtumm4rtq2kfqe.onion/

MyBitMix http://mybitmixnzdtjave.onion/

Privcoin http://tr5ods7gfbea5itl.onion/

Those are currently the best options to use bitcoin with true anonymity.

Maybe in the future coinjoin wallets will be good, but currently dark web services are the most trusted, since they are unlikely to be shut down or infiltrated by police.

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