What's legal but should be illegal?

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karen_(pejorative)#:~:text=Karen%20is%20a%20pejorative%20term,at%20the%20expense%20of%20others. Google's first definition for karen included the woman's color .now I'm only linking one but a quick Google search will do you some justice you might think the definition is for behavior but it is also a profile of the individual and again it states a white woman. just because you and a few others are using the term for one reason and one reason only behavior. it still defines a white womans behavior wether it be privelged or entitled.but they still make sure to tell you it's a white woman If they didn't use the words white woman I wouldn't be calling it a racial slur. But it is . And the Chad's an who ever else you want to bring to the party don't have any race or color in there definition . So again use Google next time

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