What's libreboot? Do I really need a pre 2008 laptop with libreboot for my pc to be private?

TL;DR: Thank you!

If I may, I just want to say thank you to everyone in this thread, the OP for asking the question and the community for responding. I'm already running a corebooted X230, 3770 workstation & 3770 server so it's not really for my own sake that I'm expressing gratitude. Just that this is now a great resource I can share with my friends and a wonderful example of how our humanity and the spirit of liberation can shine through even our technology in inspiring ways.

I pray one day our decedents will be able to look back at even these small yet significant steps we took to help unbind ourselves and each other along the way. To safeguard the human freedoms and wisdom our ancestors have fought to pass on, on all fronts and particularly during this delicate digital phase of our planetary evolution. May we decolonize our collective human consciousness from slavery and unshackle the human spirit from corruption, that we or our decedents may realize even a portion of our untapped cognitive and spiritual potential. May we remember who we are and reclaim our sovereignty once more.

I pay respect to RMS for reminding us how precious our freedom to share is for our personal and collective evolution. For us to grow with integrity. And I offer respect to all those who came before, during and after us who do there bit, whether it’s sharing code, knowledge, experience, support, encouragement, inspiration, motivation, love or even just their willingness to listen, learn, grow and transform obsolete, self-defeating patterns into sane and mutually beneficial ones. Thank you!

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