Whats it like living in Nashville, Tennessee?

This place is a cultural dessert unless you are really into country music and have no interest in a lively theater scene, comedy club scene, and food scene (other than american/soul food).

One of the perks is that the city is fully committed to not making it easy to get around unless you have a car handy. If you want to take the bus, it is possible, but they don't really take you everywhere you need to go and when you get off the bus, there is actually no sidewalks in many places so you have to walk across people's lawns or on the side of the road. It is really impressive how this city didn't bother mandating sidewalks until a few years ago! When combined with the city's notoriously clueless and arrogant drivers, you have a recipe for an award winning city as far as livability goes.

One extra perk to the whole 'driving sucks but walking/bussing is impossible' thing is that you are actually probably safer jaywalking on a main street than waiting to walk in a crosswalk. You see, the drivers are so fucking full of themselves here in Nashville that they often won't bother making sure nobody is standing in front of their car when they want to make a right turn. Instead their eyes are fixated on oncoming traffic, waiting for a gap that they can fit in to.

On the bright side, people in Nashville are so ill-adjusted to city-living that if you try to jaywalk and line up your timing just right, there is pretty much a 100% chance that some of the cars will stop in the middle of the fucking street to waive you through like an idiot...

You can get a higher paying job, with cheaper rent, in a much more livable city if you just move 8 hours north to Chicago. Nashville is cool for some people. If you are from bumfuck hicksville and want to live in "the big city" you might love Nashville.

But once you've lived in real cities. Nashville is bound to get boring in about a year.

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