What's made Abigail the most popular of the DLC characters?

You did a fairly good job at using short, non-sequitur straw arguments and ad hominem attacks without really addressing or rebutting any of my claims. So, no point in correcting you or arguing further.

However, the only substantial fact you provided in an attempt to cherry picking a rebuttal against my "Exhibit B" it's important to point out that Antonio's singer nickname is either just Omega, or Omega "El Fuerte" (Meaning Omega "the strong," as in one phrase) The "---" is used to showcase an adjective phrase, like saying Randy "Macho Man" Savage. Omega is already a single name tag, so he didn't followup his "El Fuerte" adjective phrase with a surname.

El Fuerte (SF IV) is being used as a single noun phrase because, well, you can't name things without a proper noun and, if you're using a phrase to name something, it's considered a noun. I'm assuming you know your native basic English here, of course. My original point was that El Fuerte's name is a noun phrase that does not find an adequate base in Spanish language/

Also, you suggesting that strength fits as a name because it was not used in it's literal meaning makes no sense, because not only it deviates from the game context, it actually doesn't even rebuke the the fact that El Fuerte's name doesn't just fit (what you tried to contradict) for a lightweight Mexican luchador that, quite literally, is weaker but faster than almost every other male member of the cast who are bigger and stronger than him.

I rather be categorized as an sjw making inane ramblings, than being looking like a contrarian teenage Internet contrarian to someone who was kind enough to try and concede a point you might had even though you seem quite ignorant on the subject matter (Hispanic culture in general). See? I can also do ad hominem Reddit attacks! Not hard.

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