What's the meanest thing anyone has ever said to you?

Not the meanest but really hits hard. (There is also something kind of "mean" but I guess I will get into that too later on.) Little backstory, I have social anxiety, hate being around people, super quiet (I stutter like a mother trucker and seemingly have an excess amount of saliva that makes people super hard to understand me.) and I generally keep to myself, I don't get in anyone's way. I have a decent group of friends maybe around 16-20, split into 2 groups, people at school I talk to AND talk to online OR people that I talk to online but literally live 40 minutes away and never see them in real life. Summing it up, I live a private life and rarely go outside to talk to friends.

Anyways, to the part that hits me the most. In middle school/high school I never really hanged out with the "popular" kids and so I just have a group of 4 friends I can rely on to talk to or so it doesn't seem like I am a complete loner. Anyways, because of that and social anxiety, some kid, not some complete douche or asshole but a sort of genuine kid asks me, "Why are you so quiet?" Literally I am sitting there like a deer in headlights. How does it concern anyone that I am quiet, why pry into this private life I am living. Yeah they don't know the life I live, though they should be smart enough to make assumptions that I am not an interesting person to talk to. I don't respond to them, just sit there like a fucking idiot and ignore them. I know I would stutter and I don't even like this kid. But yeah that is one of those things that frustrates the living shit out of me. How should it concern anyone that I am quiet, I do have good communication skills but I simply choose who I talk to. I am NOT an asshole in nature though, if I have to meet someone new I will, I am willing to it's just anxiety makes it harder to.

The other thing comes from a really douchey kid in high school. Little backstory here, I have known this one girl since Pre-K and she honestly feels like a sister to me, been with the same schools I have been in. She is a super chill girl and has a sweet/kind personality to her. Bit of a rebel in nature but she means well. Anyways, this douchey kid says to me, "Why aren't you two dating?" But kind of a, "Ha-ha I know why you two aren't," sort of tone he asked it in. As if I am not man enough to ask her on a date or that I would never successfully date a girl. Three things that complicate that but otherwise I would date this girl in a heartbeat. First off, she have super christian parents, I don't want to have to deal with that close monitoring thing to making sure we aren't have sex. Second off, she 100% feels like a sister to me and that would feel weird. Third, it's all personal for me, I see no benefit to having a girlfriend in high school, I would rather spend the time studying and making sure I set-up a good career for myself. I don't have time to maintain a relationship and having to deal with it.

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